October 17, 2017

About Charles Stevenson

So why might you want to work with me?

So what’s Charles like and is he someone you can trust to help you get those problems of yours resolved so you can’t even remember how bad you used to feel?

Well, if you’ve already spent time trying to deal with your problem, but you’re still stuck, I’m sure I can help you.

If you feel like you’re going round in circles, one day feeling ok, the next feeling awful, I’m sure I can help you.

If can’t seem to understand why you feel the way you do, but you want those feelings to change, I’m sure I can help you.

If you’re tired of holding onto a secret that you’d rather let go of, I’m sure I can help you.

And the way I can help you is by enabling you to break free from those thoughts, feelings & habits that are causing you so much grief right now.

If you’re frustrated with how you’re feeling, perhaps annoyed or disappointed with yourself as to how you keep putting off dealing with those things that are on your mind, or if you keep telling yourself that *someday* you’ll pull your life together, and you want things to change sooner rather than later … we need to talk.

I’ve been working with clients for many years and had many hundreds of hours of one-to-one client sessions and have studied many therapy and coaching models, areas of psychology, approaches to health and fitness that all come together to ensure I can deliver the best I can for my clients.

Those clients obtained great results and massive changes in their circumstances – and I’ve got the testimonials available to show you when we meet.

So if you’re interested in making your experience of 2018 to become something never to forget, contact me today, give me an outline of what you want to deal with and let’s make it happen for you.

Charles Stevenson BWRT®  Registered Practitioner Level 1
Member of the Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®