October 22, 2017

Conditions helped

What conditions can BWRT® help with?

I’m often asked what are the types of conditions helped by BWRT®.  Because BWRT® is a powerful, fast and effective modern therapy people can be initially quite surprised as to how many conditions, challenges or problems that can be addressed using this powerful and modern technique.  Those conditions include issues, such as:

If you’re suffering from a challenge that’s not listed above, please contact me in confidence and there is quite probably a BWRT® specialist that covers specific set of circumstances and I would be pleased to pass on their details to you.

Please note that as a current member of www.bwrt.org you can be assured that I would only ever refer you to another therapist who is suitably qualified and trained in BWRT®.

Remember also that because BWRT® is NOT hypnosis it won’t require you to go into a relaxed state, and there will be no requirement for you to tell your therapist any of the details about what it is you want to deal with.

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