Emotional issues

Do you find your emotions keep on getting the better of you?


Do you find yourself caught up in endless loops of feeling grief, or lonely, or angry for no apparent reason?

Are you someone who seems to feel ‘down in the dumps’ or sad for no particular reason, or perhaps a reason from the past that still troubles you now?

Are you someone who blushes or gets embarrassed easily?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself troubled by low self-esteem or you find yourself replaying old situations and keep thinking up alternative scenarios and “wish I’d done’s” that were never carried out.

If you’re troubled by feelings such as these, then you may well find that BWRT® could enable you to obtain a release from those old patterns and finally begin to live your life without all those repeating emotional feelings.

Other conditions helped

BWRT® may also be able to help provide a solution to other personal challenges, such as listed here.