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Here are some answers to the more frequently asked questions about BWRT® and BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®.

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Do many people use therapy to help overcome issues?

  • 20% of adults will suffer from Anxiety or Depression in their lifetime.

  • 25% adults will speak to their doctor about feelings that are troubled by.

  • 78% of overweight people say they know they need to deal with it but their thoughts keep stopping them.

  • 63% of all smokers admit they want to quit.

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Will it work or have I left it too late to try?

If you’re feeling anything like the many clients I have worked with in the past, then you’ve probably already spent a lot of time thinking about your situation and are even now still wondering whether BWRT® could actually help you.

Perhaps you hope BWRT® will work for you, but you’re also concerned that your particular problems or situation might not respond and then you’re going to end up being stuck with your feelings as they are, forever.

So if that’s how you feel then let me assure you that BWRT® is a safe and proven way that has helped many people to overcome problems and challenges, sometimes even issues that they have been attempting to deal with for decades.

Quite often, when clients first meet me, they have in their mind some things that they might want to discuss, along with a few other thoughts that they feel are too embarrassing, uncomfortable or painful to mention.

If that’s how you are feeling at present, you will only ever need to talk about the things you want to and anything you don’t want to discuss can stay safe in the back of your mind.

The BWRT® protocols are much more effective the LESS you tell me about your situation, rather than more, so you really will be in control at all times.

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Is BWRT® regulated or registered by anyone?

BWRT® was developed by Terence Watts and only practitioners who have been on a training course accredited by the www.bwrt.org and submitted case histories of their work are allowed to call themselves BWRT® practitioners.


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Will you need to touch me?

No that is absolutely unnecessary within the protocols of BWRT®.

Unlike some other therapies there is no need for you or the therapist to become involved in any tapping, touching or stroking during the BWRT® session, which means we can work at a distance by Skype or telephone if that’s easier for us both due to your location or time-zone.

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Will my medical insurance cover this?

Some clients find that some, or all of their treatment fees are covered by individual or corporate medical insurance.

Contact me and I can discuss this with you. I can provide you with full details of my insurance and registration information so you can confirm any fee coverage you might be entitled to prior to commencing any therapy.

Please note, however, that you will need to pay for your appointments at the time they occur and then deal with your own insurance reimbursement thereafter.

A further consideration whether having a note on your medical records as having received treatment for a ‘mental health issue’ might have an impact upon any career steps you wish to take.

This is why the vast majority of my clients self-pay.


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Can it help with my weight loss, or exercise programme?

Yes.  Where you need to enhance your focus to achieve goals BWRT® can help to keep you on-track to generate great results.

You’ll find further information about help with weight loss or with improving muscle tone here.


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Do you provide a guarantee or offer a refund if it doesn’t work for me?

BWRT® is a respected and modern methodology, however, no one approach can ever guarantee to be 100% effective and sometimes, for whatever reason, a client’s desire to change can come up against some unexpected personal issues which means the result they desired is not achieved.

Whilst within the protocols of BWRT® there exists specific techniques to overcome many such situations, as you will appreciate, it’s not possible for a BWRT® practitioner to ‘make’ someone do something against their will, even if that something would be of benefit to them.

As my client your own will power is required for the process to work and so no, I do not give refunds as I have provided you with a service to the best of my abilities based upon your personal situation.

Please refer to my disclaimer for further reference.


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I don’t live near you, so can we still work together?

Contact me and we can talk about what you want to achieve.

We may be able to work by telephone or Skype, however, if it seems you’d prefer to work face-to-face I may be able to refer you to a more local BWRT® therapist, as there are trained therapists both within the UK and throughout the world.


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I don’t like all that relaxing stuff in hypnosis, so will this work for me?

Unlike hypnosis, BWRT® requires the client to be VERY focused and aware of what’s going on in their mind in order to gain the greatest benefit and the fastest results.

So if you’re someone who dislikes relaxation style therapies, you’re probably going to be someone who could achieve great results from using BWRT® with a registered practitioner.


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Will you be telling me what I need to do to change?

My work will be focused upon guiding you to firstly stop the old repeating patterns from continuing and then to help you to generate new ways of thinking about how you want to feel.

I won’t need to know more than the most general information about what is troubling you and just a basic outline of the new thoughts that you have developed.

So no, as you can see I will not be telling you what to think, the suggestions for change will all come from within you.


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Can my doctor or GP refer me to you?

Yes, BWRT® practitioners do receive referrals from the medical profession, however, with the pressure on hospital and surgery funds, I’d suggest your local health practice will most probably not fund your sessions.

BWRT® practitioners have had clients who have been suggested to by their GP to contact them and sometimes it is a nurse or a Doctors who has attended for their own particular issues so perhaps your GP is perhaps already aware of the benefits of BWRT®.

If you wish to discuss this, please feel free to contact me for a discussion as to the next steps and I or a more local BWRT® practitioner would welcome the opportunity to provide your doctor with further information about the efficacy of BWRT®.


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Should I tell my GP I’m coming to see you?

That is an eminently sensible suggestion and in addition, as a condition of working with your BWRT® Practitioner they will write to your doctor too, to let them know they will be helping you with the issues that you have described to them.  This is so that your doctor can contact your BWRT® Practitioner if they felt there was any reason not to go ahead with the therapy.


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What if I’m unemployed or on a low income?

I’ve been there myself so I know how it feels and how the situation can make one’s feelings much worse.

If you’re in this situation I’d ask you to be upfront when describing your circumstances when you contact me and tell me why you want to work with me and let’s see what we can do.

But please note, I do not offer my services for free, so if that’s what you require you may well need to seek help via your local Government-funded NHS practitioner who will probably be able to refer you to the mental health section of your local hospital at no charge.

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How long does the process take?

Since everyone is unique, an exact answer to this question rather depends upon the particular issue that you want to resolve, however, collated and reviewed experience across the practitioners of BWRT® has shown that many issues can be permanently resolved in a single session and extensive reviews of client data shows most presenting problems have required 4 or less sessions.


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Can I bring someone along with me?

You can for our initial meeting, however, this may well limit the depth of our conversation.

You would be required to attend all subsequent sessions on your own, unless I am working with a minor where a parent or guardian would be in attendance at all times.


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How can I discover more?

Perhaps you have some questions you might want to put to me, face-to-face, or perhaps you’re worried that your problem might not respond to BWRT®.

If that’s how you are feeling then please note that I offer all interested parties a free and without obligation discovery session where they can come and meet me and talk over their concerns.

Contact me and we can arrange this for you.


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