October 17, 2017


Here’s how we can work together

Because BWRT® doesn’t require the ‘eyes closed, darkened room and relaxing music’ approach associated with many other therapies, it’s quite possible for us to carry out a successful BWRT® session in a variety of locations.

Many clients find this is useful, especially when I’m working with weight-loss clients or those who have difficulties with mobility, so if you are unable to travel to me, perhaps due to a disability, or a phobia, or due to other restrictions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s see what we can arrange.

For those who can travel my consulting rooms are located in central Peterborough at the Crawthorne Therapy Rooms in Crawthorne Road, Peterborough PE1 4AB.

If you’re travelling by car there’s on-street pay-and-display parking outside and a selection of public car parks within a short walking distance.

The location is also close to the A1 by road and there is a mainline railway station nearby too.

I prefer our first meeting to be face-to-face, with more flexibility for subsequent sessions, if any are required.

I appreciate, however, that a client’s work and life commitments may mean this isn’t always possible, so alternatives therefore include working by telephone or Skype, which can be useful if you’re travelling between locations or you wish to hold your appointments during time when you can arrange privacy more easily.

Key points for visitors to the Crawthorne Therapy Rooms

  • If you’re travelling by car Crawthorne Road has on-street pay-and-display parking and there are also a selection of public car parks within a short walking distance
  • The on-street parking is £1.50 for 2 hours and the machines take the new £1.00 coins
  • Because other coaches and therapists use the same suite of rooms during the day, please do not arrive until about 5 minutes prior to your session as there might not be someone free to let you in as they may well be with clients themselves
  • Please press the buzzer only once, so as not to impact upon other client’s appointments in the other rooms in the building
  • And lastly, some of the rooms are on the first floor and accessed by a single flight of stairs.  Please let me know if this might be a difficulty for you and I will ensure our appointments are held on the ground floor

Standard BWRT® session times are 60 minutes and HypnoQuit stop smoking appointments last between 90 – 120 minutes.