Lose weight & improve muscle tone

Would you like to shed a few pounds and tone up your muscles?




Are you someone who knows what they should or shouldn’t eat, but never seems able to stick to the plan?

Do you sometimes feel that you’ve left it to long to lose those excess pounds?

Are you too embarrassed to go to a gym, but can’t stay motivated to exercise at home?

Does it feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to fit in healthy eating?

Are you dissatisfied with how you look and feel?

Have you found it hard to keep to previous diets or exercise routines?

Are you a “stop-starter”, or “a quitter”, or an “I’ll do it tomorrow”, type of person?


Would you like these old patterns to stop?

So that you can start afresh – To become a totally new and healthy person?

There are thousands of diet plans available and a similar amount of exercise routines, but none of them work unless you can stick to your chosen one.  This can be hard, as there are often distractions and not enough time in the day to keep on track.

However, with BWRT® it may be possible to help you to make your new eating habits and exercise and fitness routines a natural part of your new life.

We won’t be banning you from eating anything, nor prescribing any miracle foods or special shakes, and neither would we require you to take any special supplements.

What we will be doing is ensuring that any old thoughts, patterns or habits that were keeping you stuck in your old ways of thinking about food, exercise and your body are updated to reflect the you that you want to become.

Other conditions helped

BWRT® may also be able to help provide a solution to other personal challenges, such as listed here.